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Download Etherium v1.0.9167 Update-SKIDROW

Download Etherium v1.0.9167 Update-SKIDROW

Genre: Strategie
Publisher: Tindalos Interactive
Developer: Focus Home Interactive
Release Name: Etherium.v1.0.9167.Update-SKIDROW
Size: 1.05 GB

Etherium v1.0.9167 Update changelog:

We released another small patch with various bugfixes, bumping the version to v1.0.1 this time.

BugFixes :
Fixed : Stability issues during end-games cut-scenes.
Improved : Stability issues when trying to return to the main from the score-screen.
Fixed : Pathfinding issues in some games.
Fixed : AI related issues in 2v2.
Fixed : Disappearing army icon when shielding or reinforcing a unit.
Fixed : Issues with secondary factions rally.
Fixed : Hurricanes that kept dealing damage after disappearing.
Fixed : Multiple issues with the retreat of units.
Tweaked : “Hold Fire” group order. All units in the group should “Hold Fire” when the order is given.
Fixed : Artillery units will now try to stay at max range when firing.
Fixed : Under rare conditions, the player could build two extractors on the same Etherium sphere.
Fixed : An issue where the quantity of Etherium mined per minutes wasn’t displayed properly.
Fixed : An issue where health bar of newly created units wasn’t full.
Fixed : An issue where in the tutorial, the player could build units before the construction of his first colony.
Fixed : An issue where the player couldn’t rebuild extractors after the AI destroyed it.
Fixed : Entering the wrong password when joining a room could prevent the player from joining the same room again.
Fixed : Some camera issues.

Added : Name of the game on the window that pops-up when joining a password protected game.
Fixed : Feedback on the FORCES panel for the following units : Air transport, shield & reinforcements.
Fixed : Issue with control groups when using air transports.
Fixed : Some pointer display errors.
Updated : Feedbacks for deploying/selling units.
Added : Loading screen during the conquest tutorial.
Added : Players currently playing in the multiplayer menu.

Campain :
Fixed : Etherium should now spawn correctly on the following planets : Cyclopean Mons, Dorsum Inferno & Cavus Labyrinthi
AI : Campaign AI shouldn’t attack repetitively the same territory unless that territory is a palace.

Added : The following resolutions :
Added : Variety in units fire.
Fixed : Small graphical glitch on Cyclopean Mons.
Fixed : LOD on Intar anti-air units.

FX :
Removed : Circular FXs above spy turrets.
Fixed : An issue where orbital canon missiles could stay forever in space.

Multiplayer :
Fixed : When the host of a game disconnects while in the pre-game lobby, he is now kicked from the game.
Fixed : A rare issue where a lost game wasn’t consistently considered as a loss.
Improved : Steam invitations.

Download Etherium v1.0.9167 Update-SKIDROW


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