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Download Etherium v1.0.9190 Update-SKIDROW

Download Etherium v1.0.9190 Update-SKIDROW

Release Information

Genre: Strategie
Publisher: Tindalos Interactive
Developer: Focus Home Interactive
Size: 1.13 GB


Etherium v1.0.9190 Update changelog:

Optimizations :

Improved : Performances on the 32bit version of the game.
Improved : Systems to prevent memory leaks and improve stability.

Feedback & FXs :

Added : The player’s ranking is now displayed on the main menu
Added : An error message when using the following commander skills on transport units :
Promotion, Tactical Retreat & Teleportation.
Added : better feedback when using “Deployment”, “Reinforcement” and “Sell” in the FORCES panel.
Tweaked : Vectide Mortar’s shot FX.

Multiplayer :

Added : Safeties in case of servers suddenly stopping.
Fixed : Pre-game chat.

Fixes :

Fixed : Various fixes made to prevent crashes.
Fixed : An issue where the Collossus’ death animation wasn’t playing properly for the game’s host.
Fixed : An issue where factions’ extension counter wasn’t updating properly.
Fixed : An issue where an incorrect amount of Etherium was delivered when using “Financial Support”.
Fixed : 1920×1080 resolution.
Fixed : A rare issue where the player could start playing before the countdown timer.
Fixed : Some issues that could affect the progress of the game.
Fixed : An issue that would display the level of a unit in a transport incorrectly.
Fixed : A rare issue causing an infinite loading when starting a second fight on the conquest map.
Fixed : An issue where AI team names wasn’t properly translated

Download Etherium v1.0.9190 Update-SKIDROW

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