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Download HDD Recovery Pro 4.1 + Serial

Download HDD Recovery Pro 4.1 + Serial


HDD Recovery Pro 4.1 | 7 MB

HDD Recovery Pro advanced program to disk and data recovery . It allows you to recover data from damaged hard drives , file systems and partitions. The application presents a high-level algorithms , which allows to locate information and restore it from any type of storage devices that are formatted, including sections FAT, NTFS, and Linux.
HDD Recovery Pro offers a preview for hundreds of file types , and provides a step by step solution for comprehensive data recovery. The program also automatically restores the files, data and repairing damaged hard drives after formatting the partition , reformat the entire disk and serious damage .
Completely recover files and data from damaged hard drives with HDD Recovery Pro.

If you have lost information due to a hard drive failure , you may still be able to recover all your files and documents without knowing anything about file systems , FAT or NTFS volumes. Recover lost data from damaged hard drive is fully automatic !

HDD Recovery Pro allows you to automate the entire process of data recovery from hard drive after formatting or deleting files and obysnogo pappok .
Accidentally formatted hard drive ? No problem! HDD Recovery Pro will recreate the structure of files and folders that allow you to select the files you want to save .
Not sure if your files can be recovered?
In HDD Recovery Pro has a preview of lost, deleted or damaged documents and photos.

Even if your disk is completely inaccessible after a crash , HDD Recovery Pro scans your hard disk to search for and fix corrupted partitions.
You do not know anything about the computer technology or FAT, NTFS structures.
HDD Recovery Pro hard drive recovery is fully automatic . All you need to do – is to select the files and folders you want to restore .
HDD Recovery Pro recovers lost data in most common hard disk drive failure , including damage to the discs , inaccessible disks , damaged or corrupted partition tables and file systems.
It recovers deleted files and recovers data from formatted disks , flash cards and cameras.

Opportunities HDD Recovery Pro.
NEW! Export Wizard. Recovered files can be saved to any hard drive (HDD or SSD), including network storage, burned on CD or DVD or uploaded over Click Here to Download
NEW! Pre-recovery Live Preview displays recoverable files before you buy. Live Preview supports: documents, images, archives, audio and video files, e-mail files, databases, help files, CriptoDisk format and Virtual Disks.
NEW! Smart Search prioritizes the recovery of documents, archives and pictures over everything else, ensuring the recovery of valuable information. Smart Search supports more than 250 file formats.

Download HDD Recovery Pro 4.1 + Serial


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