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Download Next Car Game Early Access Pre Alpha [SANTA]

Download Next Car Game Early Access Pre Alpha [SANTA]


Did you love the over-the-top, reckless racing action of the
FlatOut series? Or the ferocious wrecking fests of the
Destruction Derby games? We did too!

What if you could somehow relive those glorious moments, mixed
with some serious Street Rod inspired vehicle upgrading and
spiced up with fierce online races where players can battle it
out with their tricked out bangers?

Now THAT would be something.

Over the years, youÆve been asking the same thing over and
again: When are you going to get back to your roots, and create
another high-octane racing game that would capture the spirit
of over-the-top action and reckless racing as the legendary
games of the past?

WeÆve heard you, and we now have some pretty exciting news for
you. Our next racing game is going to bring those unforgettable
moments up-to-date, and the best part of it all is that we want
to make it with YOU!

ItÆs called Next Car Game.


1. install
2. copy crack from SANTA folder
3. play

Thanks to some special people for cracking it for SANTA!


Download Next Car Game Early Access Pre Alpha [SANTA]


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