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Download Tor Browser Bundle 3.0 RC 1 Portable

Download Tor Browser Bundle 3.0 RC 1 Portable


Tor Browser Bundle 3.0 RC 1 Portable | 26.58 Mb

Surfing anonymously provides a powerful shield against network surveillance and traffic analysis. Protecting your online privacy can only be achieved by additional software tools that can hide your location and can prevent your online information and browsing habits from being revealed to anyone.
If youre ever in need of such a tool, Tor Browser Bundle is one suggestion you can add to the list. The application relies on a network of virtual servers in order to make your browsing sessions anonymous. Tor makes available a set of rules and algorithms that routes the communications through various servers all over the world. Thus, all the traffic is randomized so tracking the source becomes an almost impossible task.

The download package is a self extracting archive that includes the Tor application itself, which can be run from command line, a cross platform controller GUI named Vidalia and a custom-made version of Firefox equipped with a set of addons that ensure online anonymity.

We advise the average user to consider using the Vidalia application, because the graphical interface puts you through a lesser ordeal than the command prompt version of Tor. When you first run Vidalia, it automatically connects to the Tor network and if the process is successful, a status will be displayed in the main window.

Vidalias interface encases a collection of shortcuts that allow you to stop the service, to start setting up the relays, to trigger a global view of the network and most important of all, it sports a button for using a new identity any time you wish. If youre interested in bandwidth usage, Vidalia features a separate utility just for showing a bandwidth graph that measures the receive send rate of the packets.

The portable Firefox version included in the download package is customized with a few extensions that make the anonymous surfing experience easier. These include: Torbutton allows you to create a new identity each time you start a browsing session, NoScript blocks scripts from untrusted domains and HTTPS Everywhere – enables you to encrypt the communication with a lot of popular sites.

With all the components it encases, Tor Browser Bundle is one of the most trustworthy anonymous surfing tools out there. It can be configured from command prompt, run from its dedicated GUI controller Vidalia and comes with a preconfigured web browser. Whichever of these methods you choose the result is a safe and controlled Internet browsing experience.

This release includes important security updates to Firefox.

Unfortunately, we have decided to remove the PDF.JS addon from this bundle, as the version available for Firefox 17 has stopped receiving updates. Built-in PDF support should return when we transition to Firefox 24 in the coming weeks.

This release should also fix a build reproducibility issue on Windows. All platform binaries should once again be identically reproducible from source by anyone using git tag tbb-3.0rc1-release.
All Platforms:
Update Firefox to 17.0.11esr
Update Tor to
Remove unsupported PDF.JS addon from the bundle
Bug #7277: TBB’s Tor client will now omit its timestamp in the TLS handshake.
Update Torbutton to
Bug #10002: Make the TBB3.0 blog tag our update download URL for now
Bug #10102: Patch binutils to remove nondeterministic bytes in compiled binaries
Bug #10049: Fix architecture check to work from outside TBB’s directory
Bug #10126: Remove libz and firefox-bin, and strip unstripped binaries
Misc: Disable Firefox updater during compile time (in addition to pref)

Download Tor Browser Bundle 3.0 RC 1 Portable


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