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You Still Need Putlocker Links ?, Then Read it Please

Hi Everyone

As you know putlocker changed his domain to firedrive
and made a lot of changes especially his amazing upload and download speed

but he started to be awful
because we need to make new account everyday and the most ugly thing
in this matter that we need to make new yahoo accounts too
to verify putlocker account because he send verification mail after signup

So, if you need putlocker Links then work for it
* Make new yahoo or gmail or whatever account
* Go to putlocker and signup by that mail
* Open the verification message and verify your account
* Send us this putlocker account details through Click Here to Download Page

VIP Notes:
# We are not asking you for your putlocker Premium account
we just need free accounts to using it for uploading
# If we don’t get any response from anyone after 3 days
we will stop using putlocker forever
# putlocker limited free accounts to 50GB storage space
so we need a lot of free accounts

Finally, we won’t stop serve you better

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Written by ED12